Po długiej przerwie…

Jak w temacie… Przerwa dosyć długa, ponieważ nie chciałabym zarzucać Was wyłącznie zdjęciami mojej córeczki, a poza tym byłam na bardzo długich wakacjach w Polsce – prawie dwa miesiące u mamy i taty, tudzież babci i dziadka dla Kalinki 🙂 Nie przywiozłam co prawda całego mnóstwa nowych zdjęć, ale za to wywołałam i zeskanowałam kliszę z zeszłego roku i kilka zdjęć z przyjemnością prezentuję. Zdjęcia zrobione podczas wycieczki do Leby na Ruchome Wydmy. Nie chciałam za bardzo ingerować obróbką w to co na obrazku, więc jedynie nieznacznie wyostrzyłam i konwertowałam do czerni i bieli…Zdjęcia robione aparatem Praktica MTL 5B, obiektyw MIR-1B 2.8/37mm, film Fuji 200.

A tutaj możecie obejrzeć inne zdjęcia z tej wycieczki, tym razem już robione cyfrowo: http://kingakrzeczko.pl/leba-ruchome-wydmy/

First post after a long, long break There are two reasons: first of all I don’t want to cover you only with photos of my little baby girl, and secondly I was on a very long vacation in Poland in my family home. I didn’t bring a whole lot of new photos though, but I scanned  the film from last year, and I’d like to show you few of the pictures. Photos were taken during trip to Ruchome Wydmy in Leba. I didn’t want to interfere too much with editing, so I only sharpened a bit and converted to black and white… Photos were taken with camera Praktica MTL 5B, lens MIR-1B 2.8/37mm, film Fuji 200. Here you can see other photos from that trip, this time taken with my dSLR. http://kingakrzeczko.pl/leba-ruchome-wydmy/

Eclipse of the Sun

20th of March 2015, first day of Spring and day of the eclipse of the Sun… We woke up that morning and the sky was totally covered with grey clouds… Not a big chance to see anything, so we decided to try luck in Wicklow mountains. We left house in a big rush, and what we could see on the way wasn’t giving a hope… But eventually we have seen a bit of the eclipse and… see yourself 🙂

Clouds and grey thick fog on the way…

Already in Wicklow – visibility almost zero 😉

Ain’t no sunshine…

I was afraid the only eclipse I could see, would be on my phone…

There was the Sun, somewhere behind those clouds…

And suddenly clouds dispelled, and we could see the end of the eclipse…

…and also a beautiful rainbow! 😀

We were rewarded for our trip

and for missing the culmination of the eclipse

How could we not be happy 🙂

That’s how we celebrated first day of Spring! 🙂

Łeba – Ruchome Wydmy

Here are some photos from my holidays in Poland. One day we have visited dunes at the seaside in Leba, so let me take you for a little trip there… I hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

After the snowfall…

Snow is not something very common in Ireland, so we couldn’t resist to go for a spin after today’s snowfall… And obviously, I took my camera with me… The snow was gone very quick, but when I’m looking outside my window now, I can see it’s beautiful, white, peaceful and quiet 🙂 Hopefully it will stay like this till tomorrow!

Project 365/ September

Project 365/ July

Project 365/ June

Project 365/ April

BLACK SUNS Photography Exhibition

We invite all of you, who have interest in photography, like pictures, passers-by to join us during our exhibition ‘Black Suns’. Meet us during the opening day or you can pop-up to The Exchange Gallery any day until 7th April 2013.

GFD Photo Group was set up back in December 2011 in Dublin/Naas by bunch of friends whose main aim was to meet together more often than in the past, have fun and develop our photographic skills gradually. Some of us didn’t have any previous experience in digital photography using DSLRs. We all grew up on Russian-made film cameras: Zenit, Smiena, Lubitiel or German-made Practica, but it was during our childhood, teenage years. Getting into digital world was quite a challenge, but we quickly defined our personal tastes i.e. some of us love fashion/boudoir photography, others black and white photography, street photo and portraiture, wedding photography, landscapes etc. Now after more than a year we decided to show Dubliners, what passion and fun have made us to create.

FREE ENTRY – no alcohol or drinks are served in The Exchange Gallery but we intend to go to Czech Inn Pub for few pints and long discussions about photography, friendship and fun. Hopefully see you there…

” Beautiful Ireland” Photography Exhibition

Z wielką przyjemnością zapraszam wszystkich na wystawę fotografii autorstwa mojego i Dariusza Zgardzińskiego, zatytułowaną „Beautiful Ireland” (czyli „Piękna Irlandia”). Otwarcie wystawy odbędzie się w niedzielę 24 lutego w Naas w  teatrze The Moat Theatre, o godzinie 15. ZAPRASZAMY!!!

I’m really happy to invite you for my and Dariusz Zgardzinski photography exhibition „Beautiful Ireland”. Opening day on Sunday 24th of February in The Moat Theatre in Naas, at 3pm. ALL WELCOME!!!