That was pretty spontaneous photoshooting, and styling made „last minute”, but I’m pretty happy with the results… I hope that you as well 🙂 As model – Karina Swiacka.


I was looking for something on my external drive, and I have found my old photoshoots… It is so cool to look behind and see how I was doing… I thought that I will share with you 🙂 This is my first meeting with Karina, back to 2011, we did our session on the car park and I cought flat tire on the way… Lots of laugh and good fun… I didn’t do any re-edition of that photos, and I would defenitely change a bit of that now!! But I wanted you to see how I did it at the first time. I wonder if you like it! 🙂 Enjoy! 

Feszyn Seszyn

So… there’s another overdue photoshoot… This time from June. I wanted to do some street fashion, so we met in Dublin Docklands. Unfortunately weather wasn’t kind to us, wind, rain, cold… But anyway we had a great time with cup of coffee and cakes and of course – photoshooting. There will be more photos coming from that meeting, hopefuly soon!

Marta Krawczyk

Model – Marta Krawczyk, Mua – Aleksandra Lonska