From my recent photoshooting with two fantastic girls: Karolina ( as a model, and Kasia ( as make-up artist… I’m very happy with the results, and I hope you’ll like them too…

On the walk…

Taking advantage of the free day and beautiful weather, I took my camera for a walk…



That was pretty spontaneous photoshooting, and styling made „last minute”, but I’m pretty happy with the results… I hope that you as well 🙂 As model – Karina Swiacka.

Dublin goes Green

That is how Dublin looks after sunset for celebtration of St. Patrick’s Day 🙂


On the street of Porto

Last year in October I visited Porto (in Portugal) with group of my friends. My plan was to breake up and find some courage to do street photography. It didn’t work really, although I took few pictures of people, one of them was that boy, probably coming back from school, or palying truant 😉 I hope you like it…

Lost & Found in Cafe Manekin

Few days ago I had a great pleasure to be in Cafe Manekin in Kraków, and listen to my friends playing they gig. The name of the band is LOST & FOUND and they are fantastic! It was also very nice meeting after years… I hope to see them soon for more musical feast! 🙂 I have recorded short movie as well, unfortunatelly I got this idea in the middle of the song, but still you can hear them playing 🙂


I was looking for something on my external drive, and I have found my old photoshoots… It is so cool to look behind and see how I was doing… I thought that I will share with you 🙂 This is my first meeting with Karina, back to 2011, we did our session on the car park and I cought flat tire on the way… Lots of laugh and good fun… I didn’t do any re-edition of that photos, and I would defenitely change a bit of that now!! But I wanted you to see how I did it at the first time. I wonder if you like it! 🙂 Enjoy! 

After the snowfall…

Snow is not something very common in Ireland, so we couldn’t resist to go for a spin after today’s snowfall… And obviously, I took my camera with me… The snow was gone very quick, but when I’m looking outside my window now, I can see it’s beautiful, white, peaceful and quiet 🙂 Hopefully it will stay like this till tomorrow!


I thought, that I may sometimes post some of my older photos, so you could see my beginnings… 🙂 This one is from my first shoot in studio and first meeting with my lovely friend Emilia ( She did the make-up, I did the costume and Przemek Lipski ( helped to set the studio, lighting and did bloody tears…

model, make-up – Emilia Kuczma-Porębska
assistant – Przemek Lipski


And here are another three photos from my meeting with lovely Marta Krawczyk…I hope you like them too 🙂

Feszyn Seszyn 2

 I came back to photosession from last year, and edited two more photos from our Feszyn Seszyn meeting in Dublin. Model and styling – Magdalena Wilk, make-up – Aleksandra Lońska, Hair – Magdalena Janiszewska.

Summertime 2

It’s cold outside, but I’m still in Summertime mood… with Basia Bednarek as my model 🙂

Last photoshoot in 2013

Like in the topic… I met with my lovely Karina in the end of December, during holiday break and of course we took some photos… We had a really great time, obviously 🙂 I hope you like what we have created! 🙂 Enjoy!


Here’s few pictures from my first meeting with Karolina. She has just moved to Ireland and she stays in the same town as me, so I’m sure this is just the beginning of very interesting collaboration… You can see more photos of Karolina here:

Sunday’s backstage

Now something a little bit different… I was invited to take a part in photoshooting organised by my firends, so I wanted to show you few photos from backstage. There’s not too many, as I was helping to do the magic as well 😉 That was a great day with fantastic girls! 😀
Concept & photographer – Monika Lejman
Make-up & snow – Zsofia Dudas
Model – Ola Ka
Assistant, hands, snow, smoke and other magic 😉 – Sylwia Lejman
Jars supplier, backstage photos and some help – myself 😉